Distributor’s Guide by Team LC (Legion of Champions)

Hello and Welcome!

IAM Coach/Mentor Jonathan David Corilla, Creator and Founder of Team LC (Legion of Champions) together with Mentor Edzel Loyola-Corilla, We Welcome and Congratulate you for becoming part of IAM Worldwide, Agent of HOPE. Thank you for choosing our Team (Legion of Champions) as your Guide to this Journey.

Again, We at Team LC (Legion of Champions) We Welcome you and congratulate you!
This is the start of your new journey to success!.

Here in our TEAM, we aim to become the BIGGEST, LARGEST TEAM in IAM Worldwide. We aim to be the Best Team in this industry that produces Millionaires, Billionaires and Millionaire and Billionaire Makers. This team will Touch, Inspire and change millions of Filipino lives, through HOPE (Health, Opportunity and Prosperity for Everyone) Program. Here at Team LC (Legion of Champions) We Make Good People Better.

This Distributor Guide will teach you what to do next after joining IAM Worldwide.

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